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Gallery of Works

Mount Buffalo 1

Mount Buffalo 2

Mount Buffalo 3

The Eternal

Golden Harvest 2

Golden Harvest 1


Mallee Memories 2

The Voice Beyond

The Other Side

The Voice Beyond 2

Last Light 2

Flashes Through Trees 2

Mallee Light Scape Cool Morning

Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Summer Rhythms

Summer Rhythms

Spring Rhythms

Spring Rhythms

Party Time

Party Time

Blue Etude

Blue Etude

Impressions Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Impressions Botanic Gardens

Morning Lights

Morning Lights

Busy Bees Lorne

Busy Bees Lorne Painting

Lights of Spring

Lights of Spring



Impression Botanical Gardens

Impression Botanical Gardens

Gold Parallels

Gold Paralells Artwork

Study Red Blue and White

Study red blue and white artwork

Golden Flashes

Golden Flashes Artwork

San Remo Sketch 2

San Remo Sketch 1

San Remo Storm 2

San Remo Storm


Blue White and Gold

Light Rhythms 3

Light Rhythms 2

Light Rhythms 1

After the rain

Rhythms of Spring 2

Rhythms of Spring



Spring Light Rhythms

Aim High 2

Rhythms of Light 5

Rhythms of Light 1

Hidden Rainbow

Flashes Through Trees 2

San Remo Abstracted

Ribbons in Triple Time

White Rhythms

Summer Wind

White Dancing

Blue Strike Ancient 2

Rhythms of Light 3


Pink and Gold 2


Evening Reflections

White Sound

Pink and Gold 3

Pink Sound

Fresh Light Flashes

Evening Lights in Mauves

San Remo 5 (Black, Pink and Gold)

Untitled 7

Untitled 2

Blue Strike

Blue Floating

Blue Strike Ancient

San Remo 3

Rhythms of Light

Red and Black

Black and Blue

Yellow Sound

A Golden World

Flashes Through Trees

San Remo

San Remo Sketch 1

Summer Haze

Reflected Cloud

Pink Haze 1

Pink Haze 4

San Remo 4

San Remo 2

San Remo 1

Pink Haze 2

Blue Dancing

Reflected Horizon

Pink Haze 3

Golden Rhythm

San Remo 6

Looking Ahead


Life in Glades at Sunset

Gold Horizon

Pink and Mauve

Blue and Gold

Mallee Lights

Lucia 2

Australian Creek

White Island New Zealand


Glades At Sundown

Improvised Garden

Impromptu Blue

Reflect Improvised

Lucia 3

Bonnard Inspiration

Pink and Gold

Siena’s Party

Mallee Memories 1

Yellow and White

Diffused Evening Light

Wild Flowers

City Haze

Life Goes On

Personal Space

Contrapuntal Interplay

Busy At The Beach

Toward Ceramics 2

Cloud of Light

Gleaming Blooms

Garden Memories

Eva in Sorento 2

Eva in Sorento 1

Children on the Beach

Girl with Mirror

Storm Brewing Power of Life

Busy Bees Lorne

Brighton Beach


Melbourne Sunset

There Shone A Golden Light 1

Study for Last Light

Last Light

About to Run

Golden Sunset

Montpellier Opera House

Magenta Haze

Sharing Secrets

Beulah Sketch

Rotarua Springs New Zealand

Traditional Roses

Crystal Glow 2

The Looming Cloud 1, New Zealand

The Looming Cloud 2, New Zealand

Purple Sunset

The Eternal Choir 1

The Eternal Choir 4

Blue Etude

Ballet school children age four

Bright Flowers

Rose Garden, Perth

Pink Improvisation

Blue Irises

Girl with Golden Hair

The Gypsy Girl (Insp. Matisse)

Secret Garden
Summer Rhythms
Spring Rhythms
Party Time
Blue Etude
Impressions Botanic Gardens
Morning Lights
Busy Bees Lorne Painting
Lights of Spring
Impression Botanical Gardens
Gold Paralells Artwork
Study red blue and white artwork
Golden Flashes Artwork

Pink and Gold 2  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

SOLD Another rhythm of light. The pinks, mauves, blues, golds of the Mallee, Victoria. Australia It is Spring or Summer…

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Untitled 2  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE I am told this is impossible to photograph and every photograph I have seen looks different to those before…

Full description

Blue Strike  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

SOLD Blue Strike is about the shafts of light lifting to another dimension. Perhaps they suggest a summary of life.…

Full description

Blue Floating  Oil on Fine Linen  129cm x 86cm

SOLD I felt this idea of shapes and blurring was on to something but the mystery seemed too flat. The…

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Red and Black  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE Another art work resulting from researching similar questions, with black bands and various shades of glowing reds, suggests to…

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Black and Blue  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE After these further investigations of horizontals I was beckoned to a study in green black (cool) versus maroon black…

Full description

A Golden World  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

SOLD What is this but many different, closely related golds which, being only slightly different and therefore close to each…

Full description

Summer Haze  Oil on Fine Linen   86cm x 129cm

AVAILABLE Summer Haze is one of the earliest works about light. (That is in these series I guess I have…

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San Remo 4  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE A commission to fill some antique frames led to many works on canvases of the same size as the…

Full description

Blue Dancing  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE This explores the rhythms of colour. Blue is dancing, we have an emotional response. Some say we are above…

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Golden Rhythm  Oil on Fine Linen   86cm x 129cm

AVAILABLE Here another exploration was taken of the horizontal. The horizontal suggests an horizon, it is of the earth. Going…

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Blue and Gold  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

AVAILABLE Space Time Light… is there another dimension which we can evoke through painting and colour? Can we enter the…

Full description

Siena’s Party  Oil on Fine Linen   129cm x 86cm

SOLD Visitors are strongly drawn to the colours in this joyful energetic piece. I had been to my grand daughter’s…

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City Haze  Oil on canvas  140cm x 190cm

AVAILABLE Darker colours for me. I am in fighting, courageous spirit. Let us try improvising within a scene, and then…

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Freedom  Oil on canvas  180cm x 425cm

AVAILABLE This was the result of a remarkable art experience. I was invited to exhibit in 101 Collins Street Melbourne…

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The Eternal Choir 4  Oil on Fine Linen   140cm x 190cm

SOLD March 22nd 1995 the last surviving member of my family (apart from me) passed away sadly (originally four children…

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